The Chevy Crew-cab

by Craig and Deanne Conover :: posted in Reviews on February 29th, 2016
From the luxury-laden cabin to the extreme trailering abilities, this is a truck through and through and definitely a way to ‘Find New Roads’ as the new Chevy tagline suggests. We enjoyed our time last year with the Z71 version of the Silverado but have come to find out that in this edition there are some reasons to stay with what Chevy calls the 4WD version which mostly involve trailer towing. This version allows the $230 addition of chrome trailering mirrors that have a standard mirror on top and a curved trailering mirror on the bottom to see more of what is behind or being towed by the truck.

This addition may seem like a small thing, but these are the same style of mirrors that were only available on the 2500 version of the Silverado.
If pulling trailers is going to be one of the basic things done with the Silverado, we would also recommend the addition of the Max Trailering Package at $980. It is an addition that will make hauling anything behind the truck smooth and easy. It comes with a larger 9.76 rear axle and upgraded 3.73 rear axle ratio, a trailer brake control integrated into the dashboard, and enhanced cooling radiator, revised shock tuning, and heavy duty rear springs. This all adds up to a truck that knows how to pull, and does it well. Craig found that, with even 10,000 pounds behind it, the Silverado performed as advertised, pulling the weight even uphill without hesitation. 

The LTZ also comes standard with a rear backup camera. It makes backing up to hitch up a trailer so easy, none of the old guessing if it is close to being lined up or not, it was perfect every time he had to put on a different trailer, and there were many opportunities for that during the week of our test drive. The LTZ also comes with a leather interior, which of course we would recommend. Unfortunately with the 4WD equipped Silverado a black interior is the only option, which is too bad because the brown interior we drove last year was very nice. We also had the opportunity to use the new OnStar app with our iPhones, it could start and stop the vehicle no matter where it was, lock and unlock and even locate the truck on a map. There was even the option to start the lights flashing and horn honking if the truck is lost in a parking lot. Chevy also felt with the redesign that most people who are purchasing trucks for a job are not only using them for hauling and payload capacity, but also using them as a mobile office, so they set out to make that office as comfortable and easy to use as possible. Chevy achieved that goal because there was storage all over the place up front, a place for glasses, phones, even a spot to store your iPad, or what would be your mobile computer at this point.

There were many things that we noticed before we even had a chance to drive the Silverado, and found out just how nice the new ride would be. Our first impressions with the LTZ, and remember that is Chevy’s top of the line trim level were that it was more like a Cadillac than what we used to consider a Chevy truck. The new Chevy “My Link” infotainment system looks and acts much like the Cadillac Queue system that we experienced a couple of years ago. Included in ours was also the Driver Alert Package that had lane departure warning and would vibrate your seat on one side or the other depending on the lane you were wandering out of, just like a Cadillac. The normal ride was extremely comfortable, we had the chance to make a couple of trips to Salt Lake City during the week proving to us just how nice the ride was. The seats were extremely comfortable, and for our freeway driving, we averaged right at 22 miles per gallon. Not to shabby for a full-sized pickup with a V8.  Everyone seems to be redesigning their truck line to get better gas mileage, more power, and also keep the average consumer comfortable as long as possible in the cab of their truck. Chevy has done a fantastic job in combining all of those elements into the new Silverado. For those looking for a new truck, spend some time in the new Silverado before making that final decision. 
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