The 2016 Chevrolet Silverado High Country

by Craig and Deanne Conover :: posted in Reviews on June 20th, 2016
We had an opportunity to spend a week with Chevrolet’s newest and most luxurious version of the Silverado pickup with the High Country edition. This is a truck that comes with all the bells and whistles that Chevy has in the tool shed of truck add-ons. It came to us in a very beautiful deep ocean blue color with a saddle brown interior. 

This is the third year since the Silverado was completely redesigned with Chevrolet choosing to refresh the exterior adding new LED head lights, daytime running lights, and tail lights. The new look up front is very cool and having LED’s all around gives the truck more of a luxury look. 

They have also changed the hood slightly with some extra bends and valleys that give it a more defined look. The other big difference between the LTZ and the High Country would be the painted bumpers on the High Country with chrome added to accent the bumper, instead of the completely chrome bumper of the LTZ. It was a look we liked even better. In 2014 we drove the Z71 version of the Silverado, but have come to find out in the 2015 edition there are some reasons to stay with what Chevy calls the 4WD version, which mostly involves trailer towing.

This version allows the $230 addition of chrome trailering mirrors that have a normal mirror on top and a curved trailering mirror on the bottom to see more of what is behind, or being towed by the truck. This addition may seem like a small thing, but these are the same style of mirrors that were only available on the 2500 version of the Silverado. In other words, they are huge and very useful. 

If pulling trailers is going to be one of the basic things done with the Silverado, we would also recommend the addition of the Max Trailering Package, at $980 it is an addition that will make hauling anything behind the truck smooth and easy. It comes with a larger 9.76 rear axle and upgraded 3.73 rear axle ratio, a trailer brake control integrated into the dashboard, and enhanced cooling radiator, revised shock tuning, and heavier duty rear springs. This all adds up to a truck that knows how to pull and does it very well. With the larger 6.2 liter engine that came with the High Country, again larger than the 5.3 that we have in ours, the Silverado will pull up to 12,000 pounds this year.

They have also added a new 8-speed transmission that did help with the gas mileage, even with the larger motor we averaged a nice 19 mpg for the week. Craig got around 18 normally in his when not pulling a heavy load. The High Country with the larger engine puts out 420 horsepower and 460 lb/ft of torque. The High Country also comes with a keyless entry and remote start. We also had the opportunity to use the new Onstar app with our iPhones, it could start and stop the vehicle wherever it was, lock and unlock, and even locate the truck on a map.  Extras included things like a Bose audio system, a Driver Alert Package that included Lane Departure Warning, Front and Rear Park Assist and Forward Collision Alert. 

There is a lot of storage up front, a place for glasses, phones, even a spot to store your iPad, or what would be your mobile computer at this point. Compartments for papers and things that you would need all the time as jobs were completed and new ones started. Most impressive were the five, (yes, we counted we had to count more than once), USB ports in the truck. All five passengers could charge their phones at the same time! The top of the center console is now also a remote charging station for phones equipped with the technology, just set the phone on the console and it will charge wirelessly, a great new technology, although Apple has opted out from adding it to iPhones yet.

There were also 4-12 volt power ports, along with a regular 115-volt, 150-watt power outlet. We supposed that there would be those who still needed to have a normal laptop to charge, which wouldn’t be a problem in the Silverado, or maybe a small kitchenette in the rear would be more applicable for you mobile office! With Chevrolet’s addition of last year’s Wi-Fi equipped vehicles, making the Silverado a mobile office was even that much easier, sending and receiving emails, looking up website or playing videos was now all possible!

The normal ride was extremely comfortable; we had the chance to make a couple of trips to Salt Lake City during the week, proving to us just how nice the ride was. The seats were extremely comfortable and for our freeway driving- we averaged right at 22 miles per gallon, not too shabby for a full sized pickup with a V8. For those looking for a new truck, spend some time in the new Silverado before making that final decision. 
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